We’ll see Windows 7 on iPad

People who buy modern and new Apple device will have a chance to enjoy the extras of Windows 7. This will be done using virtualization technology. For this purpose they must have a software application, called Citrix Receiver. It will be available in March. Citrix reported that it worked out. From Citrix claim that their program is based on the current version of the operating system that drives the iPhone.

In the words of Chris Fleck, who is vice president of Citrix, the aim of developing their application is to enable iPad users to do any real work with their shiny device. iPad applications in modern business environment are of dubious value but with Citrix Receiver purchase the device will become more justified.

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  1. So I assume Flash would work through Citrix then. That would be great. This comment made me “dust off” my Logmein app and sure enough, I was able to use a site with Flash via Logmein on my iPhone. I’m not sure what the difference would be between using Citrix and Logmein, except perhaps the security? I use Citrix to work at home, so the application is of course, quite different.

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