What To Expect On Apple Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is now coming and we know many of you are getting excited. In the discount retail of this year, we are dubbing Apple Black Friday 2018, the deals on Apple products in this Black Friday event.

Apple Black Friday discounts don’t offer money off for products, so you will not buy an Apple laptop with a cheap price from the Apple Store. Last year, gift cards were given with purchases made over Black Friday.

Apple Black Friday: Deals We Expect To Get

Although the Apple Black Friday sale in 2018 seems to be similar to last year, when there will be gift cards offered for some products such as iPhone 8, MacBook (2017) (not the latest iPhone XS), other retailers like Amazon are likely to discount Apple products on Black Friday.

Apple AirPods on Black Friday

According to some rumors, Apple might announce its AirPods 2 at the launch event on 30 October, there are now discounts with the first AirPods generation. With AirPods at some points selling above RRP, these have been elusive since their launch.

There are much more available these days, and they are retailing at the RRP of $159 or £159. We hope there will be a price drop for the Black Friday event.

Apple Watch deals on Black Friday

While the Apple Watch 4 has officially been released, so we are seeing discounts on the older Watch models, and prices even drop down further on Black Friday. You should keep an eye of the Apple Watch you are interested in. If the price increases over the next few weeks, then the price will absolutely drop down on Black Friday.

If you see discounts on the new Apple Watch 4, then Black Friday will the great time. If you can’t wait till that time, you can check for today’s best deals.

Apple 4K TV on Black Friday


If you want to turn your TV into a smart device with Dolby Vision support, then Apple 4K TV is a good choice. If you don’t need all of that, but just want your TV to become ‘smart’, then older generation models such as the Apple TV 3rd generation may suit you better, and these are the ones most likely to be discounted over Black Friday. Here are today’s deals below.

Apple iPad on Black Friday

Those intend to purchase an iPad, then you are in luck. The iPad is the most product that is on sale over Black Friday. Last year there were big discounts on even the latest iPad models, like the iPad 9.7-inch 32GB, which received a price drop to £300 from £339, and the iPad Pro 10.5, which got £50 off.

This year, we hope these models even got a further price down, especially when a new iPad Pro is rumored to be released on October 30.

Apple MacBook Black Friday


MacBook and iMacs received offers between £50 and £200 off from John Lewis, and you can expect to see some MacBook discounts this year. So, we advise you to track the price of the model you plan on purchasing from now, so that you know when will be able to get an Apple Black Friday discount.

iPhone X on Black Friday

In 2017, we witnessed a discount on the iPhone X over Black Friday even when it had only been released, so this year, this smartphone might get a bigger discount. Since the iPhone X no longer continues due to the appearance of trio new iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR, so we’re sure retailers will want to shift their stock.

Where to find the best Apple Black Friday deals

As we mentioned previously, Apple Store is not an ideal place to get a bargain in the Black Friday sale. We advise you to keep an eye on other retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and John Lewis, and remember to check back here. We’ll update the best deals when they come in.

How you can get the best Apple Black Friday deals

If you want to get the best deals, you should have a product and a price in mind. You will be kept from being overwhelmed or might not make a decision (or make the wrong one).

After you have decides the product, it’s time to start tracking its price on several retailers  or simply bookmark a page to keep checking it. You could also set up a Google Alert for the prices you’re after.

Apple products to notice on Black Friday

If you are not sure what to go for after taking a look at all Apple products, then you should consider spending your money on the best discounts, including:

MacBook Pro 15-inch,

Apple Watch 3

iPad Pro 12.9

You should also keep an eye on what Apple releases in an event on October 30, since when new products are launched, the older models will be likely to get a big discount.

Apple Store on Black Friday: Opening Hours

We’re sure many of you are wondering about when you can get the best Apple Black Friday deals. However, it seems unlikely, since most Apple Stores still operates their opening hours across this period. You can also check the Apple Store opening times on your location.

As we said, the Apple Store may not be the best place to do shopping to get Apple Black Friday deals, and you’d better look for other retailers or shopping online. Remember that we’ll update deals in this post when they come in, so you should keep visiting this post to make a bargain on Apple Black Friday.


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