What’s missing in iPad 2

iPad 2 is out but does it deliver all the stuff that users wanted but didn’t see in first generation iPad?

• Wireless sync and/or updated MobileMe
It’s beyond silly now how dependent iOS devices are on iTunes. Look at Android. Those devices are living free and crazy lives without ever having to plug into a computer for nominal updates or information merging.

• Retina screen
The iPhone’s retina screen was a game-changer. It’s still considered the best mobile screen on the market eight months later. The iPad’s screen is nice too but so are the incoming Honeycomb tablets’. They’re close enough that fanboys of either faction can argue endlessly at their merits. The iPad 2’s IPS display is nice, but it’s far from a retina display as well. Let’s hope that iPad 3 will have that high resolution screen we keep hearing about.

• Gorilla Glass
Do you know the Samsung Galaxy Tab can take a hit by a hammer to its screen? You can shoot steel BBs at it while jabbing at it with an ice pick. The Gorilla Glass is seriously tough! Chances are Apple looked at putting some high-strength glass on the iPad, but the company’s obsession with style and design probably trumped screen durability. The iPad 2 is 30% slimmer. Gorilla Glass would have probably affected that stat, however, I for one would rather have a slightly thicker tablet and know it can take a kick to the delicates.

• SD card slot

• 4G

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