White iPhone 4 will be available soon

white iphone 4

According to information from knowledgeable sources Bloomberg, Apple will release the white iPhone 4 in the next few weeks. The phone has been delayed by 10 months and a lot of consumers are asking whether it will be released at all.

According to one of the sources, the white iPhone 4 would be available first in the stores of U.S. mobile operators AT&T and Verizon Wireless. This should happen by the end of April. Unofficial reason for the delay of white modification is technical. White paint is peeling easily and cause a variety of unpleasant problems when the phone become hot after prolonged use.

white iphone 4

Apple iPhone 4 presented last June, then announced that the postponed release of the white version of smartphones due to unexpected production problems.

A month ago Phil Schiller, who is vice president of marketing at Apple, suggested that the white smartphone is not far away and can be done this spring. This information was released by Schiller through his Twitter account.

White is important for Apple and is popular among consumers of the products offered by the company. White fashion began back in 2001 when it was first released a white iPod. Old iPhone 3GS is available in white and iPad 2 as well.

iPhone is responsible for 39% of all sales of Apple and occupies an important part of the catalog of the technology company.

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