White iPhone 4 will probably never appear

White iPhone 4 is like a white swallow in the mobile industry – it is so elusive that only a few people in the world have seen it live. Even worse, it can become a myth that never reach the shelves as it was deleted from the internal system of the Apple stores.

Site 9to5Mac reports that Apple Store has stopped working and then in quick review of the internal system of the store, Apple has seen a noticeable difference compared with before – white iPhone 4 was deleted. The store is working again but identification number (SKU) is missing and has not added a new number for this mysterious device, which released the logical conclusion – probably white iPhone 4 will never be released.

Of course, this may mean that the smartphone will be released soon with a new number, but so far no signs. Overall, it seems much more likely Apple would have abandoned plans to launch the white version of the iPhone 4.

This is in contradiction with the words of Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Apple marketing and Steve Wozniak, who is an icon of Apple – they claimed that the white version of the iPhone 4 will appear in the first or second quarter of this year.

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