White panel of next iPhone revealed a slightly larger display

white iphone 5

Recently MICGadget website showed pictures of a prototype model of the iPhone 4 with 64GB memory and now the same website published pictures of a white iPhone we have not seen ever before.

white iphone 5

We can only speculate whether this is a model, a prototype of white iPhone or iPhone 5 device with dual-core processor A5, which is rumored that is designed for game developers to start creating games optimized for its powerful processor. The pictures we see reveal a panel that differs from the original white iPhone – there is a difference in location of illumination sensor, screen size and frame around the display.

The screen looks a little bigger and this was achieved thanks to reduced space around the display. This coincided with rumors that the next iPhone will be a small upgrade to the iPhone instead of four 3.5-inch, it will have a 3.7-inch display and is expected to hit the market in September.

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