Who are the users of the iPad?

What consumers buy iPad? For many the answer may seem obvious, but Apple’s claim that a tablet designed to capture new customers. According to the agency, however, Piper Jaffray buy 74% of its present members iPad held before Mac, and 66% do have iPhone. The study of the agency were involved 448 people who bought iPad. Only 4% are people who expect to replace your current computer iPad, and those who believe tablets will replace the iPhone, are 1%. Interesting is the fact that 10% of respondents thought previously to buy Kindle, which is somewhat bad news for Amazon. 58% of the owners of the Kindle, which represent 13% of the sample of Piper Jaffray, does plan to replace the e-book reader with a tablet of Apple. Reading e-book is the second most popular feature among owners iPad after surfing the Internet. Thirdly, is reading the e-mail (34 percent) and video and mobile games are then – with a 26% and 18%.

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