Why the iPhone6 is easier to repair than Samsung Galaxy5


iphone5sOne of the most frustrating experiences of modern life is cracking the glass on one’s mobile phone after accidentally dropping it on the ground. With Apple’s new release of another iPhone, the iPhone6, which has been getting some bad press for being too flexible, the folks at Fixpod, and iPhone repair shop in Sydney, wanted to determine whether or not the phone would also be more complicated to repair than Samsung’s popular Galaxy5s.

Once they tore down both devices and compared them side-by-side, the team was surprised to see that the iPhone6–Apple’s first redesign in two years–was not only more powerful, but also easier to work with than earlier versions of Apple phones. They discovered that the touch ID cable has been moved and that the battery was easy to get to and remove; these design choices make is less complex to repair than a similar procedure on the equivalent Samsung mobile, which is burdened by two midframes. The Samsung camera and earpiece shield require at least one extra step to remove when repairing the phone than required on the Apple device. In addition, the Galaxy’s display is glued to the midframe in such a way that it makes getting to other central components a chore.

Fixpod recommends always replacing screens and batteries with genuine products from the manufacturer, rather than cheap alternatives. Still, with both phones costing hundreds of dollars, the best way to prevent a damaged screen is to purchase a protective case so that the inevitable drops that occur during daily use will not lead to a broken phone.

Users of either phone may want to consider getting additional coverage for their phones, according to a recent article by NBC News. However, rather than going through an independent party, people in Australia who want assurance that their repair costs will be limited, might want to look into turning in a broken phone for an upgrade. Though, if you are one of the unfortunate ones in Sydney who need to have the screen on their new Samsung Galaxy 5 or iPhone 6 fixed, repairing, rather than upgrading, is your only option.

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