Will Apple iPad achieve the success of Apple iPhone?

Since Apple has now come out with the iPad the big question is – will the Apple iPad have the success that the Apple iPhone has? First let’s compare the two products – both the iPhone and the iPad pretty much have the same applications available such as the internet, email, photos, maps and watching videos. The iPad is much larger than the Apple iPhone and one of the greatest advantages with the iPad is that you can see the websites as a whole page and view pictues in a larger scale as well as looking at google maps in a more broader view.

apple ipad

With the iPad you will not have to do a lot of scrolling unlike using the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has great capabilities but it is a lot smaller than the iPad and that is what makes the iPad more desirable to use because of the larger view you can get from it. The Apple iPhone even though it is smaller and more compact it is easier to carry around with you but that still doesn’t compare to the iPad as far as usability – being able to view content in a larger view.

Even though most people are out for what is convenient for them such as being able to carry around the iPhone in their pocket or in a small carrying case it still doesn’t compare to the larger iPad as far as being able to view web pages and other applications in a more broader area. That being said the usability of the iPad very much outweighs the convenience of the Apple iPhone. Most people are used to using their home computers and will appreciate the iPad in a sense that the iPad is like carrying around a portable computer with all of the up to date applications.

The Apple iPad is going to be a great success and is the next best thing to a personal computer compared to the iPhone. Who knows, the Apple iPad may even in the future replace the use of the notebook computer as far as using it for business purposes and more.

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